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Are you frustrated with your high business expenses?

Do you wish you had some of that money in your own pocket to do that special thing you’ve been yearning for?

We can help quickly, easily and safely!

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We help owners of bigger businesses be more profitable without risk by using cost remediation and special tax incentives

A person wearing glassesDescription automatically generatedHello, I am Stan Mann and a Stryde/GMG senior agent. I help businesses enhance their profitability. We put big paychecks in your mailbox by saving you money on your commercial property taxes, credit card income, hiring tax credits, and other expenses.

We find money on our dollar without you taking a risk of loss!

We find money for you in 15 minutes without risk and without interrupting your daily business. The solution is much easier than you think

You keep your same vendors, so we do not disrupt your business. There's no upfront cost. We work on a contingency basis. You pay our fee only if we find you money.

Is Your Business as Profitable as You’d Like? 

Many business owners struggle to make their business profitable. You want to make a difference in the world. You want to spend most of your time using those special skills you worked so hard to acquire to help your clients or patients lead better lives. But you have to be as profitable as you can so that you have the cash flow to do the work you love.   

You've put systems in place that makes the workflow as efficient as you can and hired the best CPA you could find, hoping he would enable you to take advantage of all those tax loopholes. But you may have suspect there are sophisticated tax-saving methods of which he is not aware, causing you to pay too much in taxes and fees.  

Have you ever wished you could hire specialized experts to minimize your taxes and other expenses, but you feel you can't afford it — or can you? 

The solution is much easier than you think

Improve Your Bottom Line in 15 Minutes - Ne Fee!

We find businesses significant money. After an review of a business’s expenses, looking at taxes, commercial property expenses, credit card income, and worker’s comp, we have been able to find businesses an average of $250K. Of course, the amount of money for every business will vary. 

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How we help you 

The Company I represent, STRYDE/GMG, uses their team of tax attorneys, CPA’s, and other experts to uncover a significant amount of money for you.

Here's the good news for cash-strapped, busy practices – there is no upfront fee for this service! Instead, we share the rewards by earning a percentage of what we save for you. We find businesses an average of $250,000, some in 30 days, some in 60 days, some in 90 days and on an ongoing basis because business expenses never go away and always seem to increase!  

Who does what?  

We do all the work. We do NOT change vendors. We do NOT disrupt your relationships or business processes.

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Our simple process  

To learn if we can help you, we conduct a 15-min. Zoom videoconference with an interactive presentation tool to provide you with an estimate of what we can do for you. 

The next step  

If this sounds like an interesting idea, can I suggest a short phone meeting (by short I mean 10 minutes or less!) to answer your questions? My business hours are Monday through Saturday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Pacific Time.  

Please schedule a convenient time to talk by phone. I will not waste your time with a long sales pitch. You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or schedule a time online


Jump now to scheduling a time to find your cost remediation and special tax incentives. Simply click the link below 

Improve Your Bottom Line in 15 Minutes - No Fee!

Some more Stryde/GMG clients:

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Stan (the) Mann

P.S. We form strategic alliances with business professionals such as CPAs and Enrolled Agents, Attorneys, Commercial Real Estate professionals, Insurance Agencies, Business consultants and brokers. We appreciate being introduced to these types of professionals you have relationships with who can refer us to their clients. 

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