A Proven System
For Dramatically Growing Your BUSINESS

We are consultants and coaches for small business owners.

We help busy business owners who have a successful practice but are stuck on a plateau and have stopped growing.  We have a proprietary program to get you unstuck and growing again.


When trying to build a thriving business, why do so many owners work way harder than they need to?

While working with hundreds of business owners all across the country, we discovered that:


Most business owners try to sell to everyone and anyone.  They fail to focus on a lucrative niche.

They mistakenly believe that if they focus on a particular group, they will lose prospects

As a result, no one sees such a business as special, just a commodity that's to be bought at the lowest price.


Most financial advisors are unprepared and wing it.

They don't have a well-rehearsed script or memorized outline for most common situations.

As a result, they tend to ramble, get off the track and confuse the prospect. A confused prospect never buys.


Most business owners fail to invest in becoming skillful at growing their business.

​They try pray and spray marketing. They look for some kind of silver bullet (which does not exist).

They think of coaching and consulting services as an expense when in fact these services are investments that pay back way more than you put in.


Most business owners waste their time on obsolete or ineffective marketing.

They see frustratingly few results because they don't have a strategic marketing plan that...

  • creates a market dominating position
  • has an intriguing elevator talk
  • focuses on their lucrative niche
  • automates many of their processes
  • grows their business substantially step-by-step


Most business owners talk about themselves instead of their clients and prospects.

They think the way to attract new clients is to talk about how good they are. They showcase their awards and achievements. They write a lofty mission statement.

They don't understand that people only care about themselves and that owners need to talk about their prospects hopes, desires, fears and challenges in order to connect and be heard.


Most business owners when asked "How to do that?," bore their prospects with endless details about
their processes.

These business owners fail to have a collection of exciting real life stories to tell when asked that question.


Most business owners have the wrong mindset about getting referrals.

They think they are asking for a favor and feel like they are begging. They forget they are offering a valuable service and fail to realize they are doing a favor for their client and his friend.

Most business owners don't understand the best time ask for referral is not when they need a new client, but the best time is when the client expresses happiness with their service.

Marketing Mastery Consulting is our proven, effective system that gives business owners a step-by-step roadmap and the necessary support to build a thriving business.

Our past clients applaud our services highly because MMC produces great results.

When you're tired of working so hard for the results you get and you're ready to work smarter not harder, take this next step:

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