“I used to be stressed out working long evenings .... I wasn’t able to ask for referrals and was working my head off with too many unprofitable clients.

“All that turned around after working with Stan... I am now getting more profitable clients and have exceeded my asset goals. ... I easily ask for referrals and enjoy it.

I enjoy even more having six more evening hours a week to spend with my family."

Charlie Hutto, Financial Advisor

“I was struggling, indecisive and isolated. Then I hired business coach Stan. Sales sky rocketed 147% in just 4 months while my stress levels fell dramatically. My personal life also improved immensely.”

Chris Arnold, CEO, MRI Sales Consultants, Laurel Park

I was very discouraged before working with Stan. My prospecting was not effective and I was uncertain about what to do or say.

Then Stan helped me target a niche and develop a prospecting plan. I found it very helpful ... I knew exactly what to say and I started getting better results. This was a big boost to my self-confidence.

I recommend him to other financial advisors and small business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Ronald Jones, Irongate Wealth Management