Professional Coach for Financial Advisors, Business Owners, and Executives

Are you sick and tired of working so hard trying to get a consistent flow of ideal clients?
Now you can discover the secrets of getting all the clients you can handle!

Hi! I'm Stan Mann, a professional coach and results-producer for the financial services industry. I'm a sales and marketing coach who focuses on coaching financial advisors, wealth advisors, business owners , executives  and other financial professionals .

I can help you break through your production ceiling and meet your business and personal goals. As a coach for financial advisors the assistance and insight I provide in my sessions focus on the methods I use in my own practice.

I can help you acquire more high-net-worth clients and promote growth in your business as a whole but with less work and less stress. Check out some of my more prominent success stories  to see the true value of my services.

The market today is packed with thousands of people offering their services as financial advisors. How can you make your financial advising business stand out from the crowd?  How do you attract those highly sought after high-net-worth clients without driving yourself crazy in the process?

I literally wrote the book on client acquisition , and I am ready to share it with you through live Business Breakthrough Sessions and the Client Acquisition Mastermind Groups.  

You can learn the techniques to achieve your goals through my coaching and webinars. Over the years, I have taught them to hundreds of highly successful professionals.  I have helped them to find new ways and methods to make their own services stand out from the crowd while at the same time building their client acquisition skills.

Imagine building a large base of solid, profitable clients that in turn help you build your business even larger through steady, increasing referrals that require very little effort on your part. What would that do for your life?  

Are you puzzled trying to figure out how to achieve that thriving life you hunger for? Nothing you do seems to work and your struggle continues.

Stop struggling! My time-tested methods are used by successful advisors all over the world. Take the next step and let me help you grow your business to its full potential. Schedule a quick, no-strings-attached phone chat now.

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Rick's Experience With Stan

“I used to be stressed out working long evenings .... I wasn’t able to ask for referrals and was working my head off with too many unprofitable clients.

“All that turned around after working with Stan... I am now getting more profitable clients and have exceeded my asset goals. ... I easily ask for referrals and enjoy it.

I enjoy even more having six more evening hours a week to spend with my family."

Charlie Hutto, Financial Advisor

“I was struggling, indecisive and isolated. Then I hired business coach Stan. Sales sky rocketed 147% in just 4 months while my stress levels fell dramatically. My personal life also improved immensely.”

Chris Arnold, CEO, MRI Sales Consultants, Laurel Park

I was very discouraged before working with Stan. My prospecting was not effective and I was uncertain about what to do or say.

Then Stan helped me target a niche and develop a prospecting plan. I found it very helpful ... I knew exactly what to say and I started getting better results. This was a big boost to my self-confidence.

I recommend him to other financial advisors and small business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Ronald Jones, Irongate Wealth Management