10th Installment of LinkedIn Tips for Financial Advisors

These business tips are action plans that will help you grow your business faster with less stress and less work. I have written them for service-based business owners such as financial advisors, RIAs, anyone making a living selling their knowledge and expertise. If this is not you, you can unsubscribe below.

This is the last in a series of 10 on how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

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What to say when you’re on the phone

So, finally, you have a LinkedIn prospect on the phone. What now? What do you say? The answer depends on your purpose. Do you want to arrange a face-to-face meeting or do you want to do all your communicating on the phone, like I do?

The purpose of reaching out on LinkedIn is to introduce yourself, explain how you help your clients and see if they are willing to talk to you. You are building relationships before you even began to think of selling your services. This makes everything low-key and much easier.

When you have a prospect on the phone, start building a conversation. Develop some rapport. Find things in common. Give a sincere compliment.

Then ask them about their business. Listen more than you talk. It’s easy to engage people in a spirited conversation about their business.

Ask them to describe their biggest challenges. This is a very important question because their answer will help learn how you can help them. Also, talking about problems motivates them to look for solutions and you can tell them how you can provide solutions.

To build your creditability, tell a story about a client whom you have helped. If possible, relate the story to them. For instance, when talking to a chiropractor, speak about one of your chiropractor clients.

Give them some free advice. They’ll wonder what else you can help them with.

Find out about their goals, explain you can help them achieve those goals with more certainty and ask for an appointment to explain exactly how you can help him.

Most will accept and you nailed a sales appointment from LinkedIn. How cool is that?

This ends our series of LinkedIn tips. There’s much very worthwhile information. Put it to use to get in front of high net worth clients and grow your practice. I welcome your questions and encourage you to email them to me at stan@stanmann.com.

I want to continue with my goal of giving you valuable marketing advice for free that’s better then what you have to pay for.

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Stan Mann

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