1st Installment of LinkedIn Tips for Financial Advisors

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This is the first in a series of 10 on How to Make The Most of Your LinkedIn Profile.

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LinkedIn for financial advisorsIf you’re like most financial advisors, you’re missing a powerful marketing tool — your LinkedIn profile.

It’s not your fault. When LinkedIn started, it was designed to be an online resume for getting a job. Most LinkedIn members still treat it this way. They have not kept up to date with the continuing evolving LinkedIn software.

Now, LinkedIn has many features that can help you attract your ideal prospect. LinkedIn has become more like your own personal website. That’s the way you need to look at your LinkedIn profile – your own personal little website.

Like a regular website, you want images that reflect the quality of your work. The most important image to work with on LinkedIn is your headshot. Prospects relayed much better to a human being than to an impersonal company. Don’t use your logo in place of your portrait.

Make the most of you in your “relatability.” Get a professional picture of yourself. Look like a businessperson with a warm smile. Wear a business suit. I’ve seen men in Polo shirts and women looking glamorous, like they were posing for a dating service. One woman financial advisor looks like a teenybopper. That’s not professional. Look professional.

The next piece of important real estate is your headline. This is so important and I’ll tell you what you need to know in next week’s money-making business tip. Be sure and look for it.

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