2nd Installment of LinkedIn Tips for Financial Advisors

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This is the second in a series of 10 on How to Make The Most of Your LinkedIn Profile.

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Here is your second tip to give you a magnetic LinkedIn presence.

The next piece of important LinkedIn real estate is your headline. Don’t waste it with listing the name of your company. Instead, put it to work for you attracting clients. Put whom you work with (your ideal client/target market) and the benefits you promise.

I know you have to clear this with your compliance people. You may have already gotten clearance to do this on your website. See if you can get the okay to do it on your LinkedIn profile too.

Some of you might be stuck and allowed to only use your company name. In that case, put your marketing message in your summary — it should be the very first thing. Describe the ideal prospect you want to attract. This is much easier for you to if you have targeted a specific niche (see my article about niches).

The rule is to talk about your prospects much more than you talk about yourself.  You talk about them and how you benefit them, not about how good you are, your awards training or how your service works. You address these issues much later on in the marketing conversation.

Such a profile will attract your ideal client AND help you on Google searches. As you know, you’re competing with over 206,000 financial advisors in the United States. And you want to be among the top 10 shown.

To be found by Google, use keyword phrases throughout your profile about your target market and the benefits you provide. Focus on whom you want to find you. The more specific you can be, the better.

Targeting a specific profession that works for specific company is ideal. It might be engineers at Ford Motor Company. It might be Executives at Boeing aircraft. It might be plastic surgeons working out of St. Mary’s Hospital. Whatever your niche is, mention it early and often in your LinkedIn summary.

If you don’t have a specific niche like I just described, use the best you have. You might target engineers, executives, doctors, business owners etc.

Be sure and put a link to your website and to your blog. You can have your blog automatically added to your profile. You can also add projects, publications and even videos. LinkedIn accepts videos from Slide Share.

LinkedIn reports that the more material you have on your profile, the more people view it.

Another reason to have a good LinkedIn profile is that very often your profile is the first thing a new prospects sees. I’m sure like most people, when you want to find out something about someone you don’t know, you Google his name. Usually his LinkedIn profile shows early in the search engine results.

Follow this guide to improve your LinkedIn profile and you’ll have many more people seeking you out and some will be your ideal prospects. Apply these tips and watch your LinkedIn influence grow!

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Stan Mann

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