About Stan

Coach for Financial Advisors


I’m Stan Mann. Everything I do is because I believe helping others achieve a rich and rewarding life is my life’s purpose.

I’m the only coach who is both an expert in helping financial professionals get high net worth clients AND is a master degree therapist with over 16 years experience helping people clear away negative beliefs and fears that used to stop them from achieving their goals.

This website has tons of free valuable business building ideas and step-by-step instructions for advisors to get high net worth clients and to double, triple or even 10 X their business. Be sure and check it out.


The Coolest Professions

When one financial advisor told me, “What we do for a living is about the coolest thing that I could ever think of,” that really piqued my curiosity. I thought what I did was about the coolest thing you could do for a living.

As a therapist since 1964 and a business coach since 1992, I’ve delighted in helping people reach their goals and improve their lives and businesses. How cool is that?


But wealth managers like you also help people reach their goals and improve their lives. And I can see why you are very proud of having built your businesses.

I’m proud of having built my business too. I’ve built three—a psychotherapy private practice, a mental health clinic and a business coaching practice. (Before that I was a leading life insurance salesman.


I Take the Big Leap!

In October of 2011, I decided I was going to specialize in financial advisors. Why? Because I think you’re one of the coolest professions. Also, we have the same values. You believe in helping people and in being rewarded for your efforts. Me too.

During my research I learned you are working long hours in the back room doing your best for your clients. Keeping up with all the regulations is a challenge. You want to connect with your clients more often but just don’t seem to have the time.

Working to make your business profitable, you try to figure out how to grow your assets under management and have wealthier clients. It’s critical to get your message out about your services and find the right people to talk to.

On top of being a highly competent financial advisor, you also have to be a highly competent businessperson. The stress of being a business owner and managing your company is high. You need to be a leader to have a smoothly running business and to develop younger people so they become more capable, competent and build their own book of business.

With all those things you have on your plate, staying organized and managing your time can be a real problem.

Still, you carry on serving your clients. You are dedicated to their success. You have excellent people skills. You are good at meeting people and gaining their trust.

I also know that the challenges you face are common to the many entrepreneurs I have coached during my 14 years as a business coach.

The Kind of Results You Can Expect

For instance, I helped Mike Kress to pull off a daring project he had been dreaming of. He successfully started a new division within David William Securities, Seidel & Shaw, LLC. You can ask him about it yourself by calling (201) 456-8713.

I helped Joe Schodowski and his brother Jim double the size of their business by adding a new division. I helped them become excellent leaders and communicators. They’re at shelving.com. (248) 852-8600.

I also helped Chris Arnold, CEO of MRI Sales Consultants of Laurel Park. Four months after hiring me his sales sky rocketed 147% while his stress levels fell dramatically. (734) 542-9099.

Sharon Oliver, M.D., Whole Life and Health Center, gained valuable organizational skills, attracted wealthier patients and doubled her income. (313) 368-2284.

There are many more, but I won’t bore you.

What I Can Do for You

What my research and experience tell me is that I can help financial advisors:

  • Pull off that daring big project and transform their practices so they become irreplaceable, highly prized, trusted advisors
  • Learn how to get a flood of high-end prospects and referrals
  • Build practices with affluent clients who are loyal, respectful and refer friends
  • Spend less time in the back office to have more priceless time for themselves. Imagine going sailing (or your favorite activity) on weekends.
  • Stay the course when navigating the stormy financial market
  • Control emotions so they can think more clearly and make better decisions

I even wrote a book about controlling your emotions called Triggers: A New Approach to Self-Motivation, published by Prentice Hall.


I have a basket full of credentials. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, you can find them at the end of this site. Credentials are nice, but results are what matters.

And as you can see from my testimonials, I produce results.


Bottom Line

If you’re ready to learn how to attract more high net worth clients and more money under management, start by grabbing my FREE special report How to get high net worth clients.” It will save you years of struggle.

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