Attract More Profitable Clients by Speaking the Language of Results

I’ve helped many financial advisors attract more profitable clients by changing the way they talk to prospects. Often, this is the one big thing that has been preventing them from growing.

These advisors are at a certain level of success, but find themselves too busy servicing their present clients, running the office, and managing their staff that they don’t have time to prospect and grow.

What they need is a more efficient and effective sales process.

Their biggest flaw is they are so in love with their process, they always tell the prospects all about it. This bores potential clients and drives them away.

What you need to do instead is talk the language of results.

Practically nobody is interested in hiring a financial advisor, anymore than they are interested in hiring a coach.

But everybody is interested in buying the results you produce.

Talk the language of results and you engage your prospects and enroll more profitable clients.

Instead of talking about how you produce results, talk straightaway about the results you’ve produced for your clients.

  • Have you saved someone tons of money?
  • Have you saved someone from losing tons of money?
  • Have you helped someone retire much earlier than they had hoped?

Then tell your prospects all about it. Everybody loves hearing about a true story.

You can make this strategy even more powerful. The more similar your listener is to the hero of your story, the better. Your prospect will be able to identify with him and want to be in the hero’s shoes.

How do you do that?

The easiest and best way is to have a niche, also called a target market or target audience. This is a group of people who have similarities in occupation and background.

For instance, if you’re telling the great results you achieve for an engineer and you’re telling a story to an engineer, he will easily identify with your hero.

Better yet, if your hero is a Chrysler engineer and your listener is a Chrysler engineer, the effects can be profound. That is the beauty of having a niche.

If you don’t have a niche yet, or want a better one, or wonder just how good is your present niche, I have good news.

I’m giving a free video training webinar just for financial professionals. It’s called

“Niche Secrets: How to Attract HNW, Loyal Referring Clients.”

You can check it out here.

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