Case Studies

Examples of how my Client Acquisition Coaching works:

Here are true stories of how I helped my clients take their business to a whole new level.

Chris Arnold

Arrow pointing downI’d never seen a more worried looking man in my life. Well-dressed in a business suit, his furrowed brow, sad eyes, and drooping mouth conveyed a man at his wits end.

He confided in me that his business was stuck and starting to spiral downward. The lifeblood of his business, sales, had the dried up.

Chris had developed a bad case of call reluctance. Basically a one-man show, his business depended on getting new clients. Client acquisition was the name of the game and Chris was once a master at it.

An animated and enthusiastic speaker who could talk and listen, it was a natural salesman, but no more. All his self-confidence, his belief in himself, had gone. It had dried up like a ripe dandelion puffed away by the wind.

No calls, no sales, no money, no business.

What had happened? Life had pulled the rug beneath his feet. His once charming, beautiful wife had turned into an alcoholic. I mean a real 24/7 alcoholic. Poor woman. Poor Chris. Coping with her, trying to save her, drained all his energy, befuddled his mind and robbed him of his belief in himself.

How could Chris and his business be saved? I knew exactly what to do and it’s not what you think. It wasn’t rehabilitating his wife (although that would do it). Saving alcoholics is notoriously difficult and we didn’t have much time. The trick, the secret, was to change Chris’s mindset. I used trigger techniques from my book to restore Chris’s belief in himself and restore his self-confidence.

(TRIGGERS: A New Approach to Self-Motivation, published by Prentice Hall.)

We changed the way Chris thought about his situation.

Chris was burning up his energy trying to change his wife, who would have none of it. At work, he would be constantly thinking about her, how awful it was and what could he do about it?

It wasn’t easy, but when I convinced him he was like a Don Quixote tilting at windmills and he should give up his quest, everything began to change.

Instead of agonizing over her when he was at work, he began to use work as an escape from an impossible situation.

As I said, we used triggers to replace his self-doubt with utter confidence. His call reluctance melted away. He started calling on prospects again.

In addition, we found a better target market, medical device manufacturers. It was natural for Chris because he had a much experience in that arena and some of his best clients were in that niche. So, Chris had a foot in the door, members of his niche were easy to find and could pay handsomely for Chris’s services.

Chris was revitalized and reborn.

He left his alcoholic wife to her own devices and after 30 years of marriage, tragically, Linda died from her addiction despite all his efforts.

Chris picked himself up, dusted himself off and moved on with his life…and look what happened!

His client acquisitions skyrocketed 147% in four months

connie-chris-new-years-2015chris-pool-smallChris met a wonderful woman. Over time, they fell in love. They are now happily engaged. Chris moved from Michigan and has a new lovely home in Florida by the beach with a pool filled with turquoise water.

The couple has five grandchildren and they are enjoying the good life in Sunny Florida.

His business is thriving. Now, Chris works only with the owner, president, or CEO of companies. No more dealing with human resources or underlings whose only power is to say no. Chris is a respected consultant to the boss.

Takeaway: It’s all in the way you think.

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