CPR for your client appreciation program

Do you struggle with your client appreciation program? Is it not working like you hoped it would?

Here’s how Sam went from struggling to thriving by improving his client appreciation program.

Sam had embraced the strategy of growing his practice by giving events. He had heard about how other advisors use client appreciation prospecting and were very successful.

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How to use email marketing to get HNW prospects chasing you

The digital area and the World Wide Web offer a new marketing opportunity for small business owners.

Benefits of online marketing

If you’re a computer savvy business owner and enjoy online activities such as texting, email, interacting on LinkedIn or Facebook, email marketing may be just the ticket for you if you’re not doing it already.

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Be Glad Selling Is Hard

   Do you avoid prospecting and selling?

   Do you hate selling or promoting yourself (marketing is mostly self-promotion)?

   Wonder what you can do about it?

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