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We find money on our dollar without you taking a risk of loss!

We find money for you in 15 minutes without risk and without interrupting your daily business. The solution is much easier than you think

  We find businesses significant money. After a review of a business’s expenses, looking at taxes, commercial property expenses, credit card income, and worker’s comp, we have been able to find businesses an average of $250K. Of course, the amount of money for every business will vary.

Improve Your Bottom Line in 15 Minutes - No Fee! 

The Company we represent, STRYDE/GMG, uses their team of, CPA’s, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Industry Specialists, Property Tax Attorneys, Financial Institutions and Consultants that provide free consultation to uncover a significant amount of money for you in all 50 states.

Here's the good news for cash-strapped, busy practices – there is no upfront fee for this service! Instead, we share the rewards by earning a percentage of what we save for you.

We find businesses an average of $250,000, some in 30 days, some in 60 days, some in 90 days and on an ongoing basis because business expenses never go away and always seem to increase!  

Who does what?  We do all the work. We do NOT change vendors. We do NOT disrupt your relationships or business processes. You simply provide us with information about your business that we need and give us permission to find your money. 

STRYDE/GMG has found more than $4 Billion in Savings for Business Owners!  


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