A Whole New Way to Find Your Cash Rich Niche

This article turns everything you knew about finding a niche upside down. It’s a whole new approach to finding your lucrative niche that’s totally different from the way everybody else’s told you to do it.

I call it the Cash Rich Niche System.

With this system you attract high net worth, loyal referring clients.

My client Chris skyrocketed his client acquisitions 147% in four months. Rick launch a very successful multimillion dollar business. Charlie achieve his production goals four months early and had six more hours a week to spend with his wife and two boys. And Randy grew his sales from $1 million to $4.5 million in one year.

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Are You Just Sitting on a Gold Mine of Happy Clients?

Why are happy clients a gold mine? Because they’ll refer to you if you ask them.

We all know the value of a referral. You’re not spending your time cold calling. Referrals are warm. You can design your referral system so that you attract your ideal clients.

Closing sales is much easier because referrals are pretty much presold on your merits.

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Part 1 of 5 – Getting a Steady Flow of Profitable Referrals

There’s only one thing that’s more exciting than getting a profitable referral. It’s getting a steady flow of them.

It would mean that you’d be able to market less and have more time for the things you truly love. You could also spend more time in front of clients or prospects. Or you could spend more time with friends and family.

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Are you getting your share?

According to Sheryl Moore, president and CEO of Moore Market Intelligence, 2015 was an amazing year for indexed annuity sales. “The first quarter of the year was the second-greatest first quarter ever in terms of sales,” she says.  And second quarter? “It was the same. Just a decade ago, sales for the entire year were nearly as great as they are half-way through 2015.”

But many financial professionals are not getting their share. Why? Mostly because they are not leveraging the most powerful marketing strategy for advisors – referrals.

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How to Add Two More Power Hours Every Week

Is time giving you fits?

Time, that precious commodity: you just have only so much time. You must make the most of it.

If you’re feeling strapped for time, it’s because you’re like 94.7% of financial advisors. You suffer from time fits.

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