How to get tons of referrals by throwing parties

Want high net worth referrals without having to ask? Want a well oiled machine for getting referrals month after month?

Then don’t ask for referrals. Throw parties instead.

Here’s How Financial Advisor, Michael, Does It.

Using his system, he surpassed his original goal and pulled in over $25 M in new AUM. And vacationed the whole month of August sailing between three seas.

How Most of That Money Came in

He comments: “Of that amount I brought in this year, 90% of the money came in organically and through referrals. Getting referrals is simple.”

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Four Essential Strategies to Easily Reach Your Goals

Do you ever wonder why you think you know how to acquire millions of assets under management, but you never actually do it? Or you might be doing it but it’s going too slowly and is too hard. You feel like Hercules cleaning the Augean stables.

The problem is there’s a gap between knowing and doing.

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Six Steps Toward Successful Follow-Up Calls

You know follow-up calls to prospects are important – essential really – but you may be uncertain of how to go about them and what to say. Nothing is more demotivating than not knowing how to do something. It leads to procrastination and anxiety.

Believe me, I know. I used to stare at my 500 pound telephone, knowing I should make those calls, but fearful I would screw up. All that changed when my coach taught me the six steps for successful follow-up calls.

It goes like this.

Imagine you have a referral from your friend Steve. Steve’s told you that you might be able to help George with his retirement plans. Steve was unclear as to exactly what George wanted. Steve just knew George was complaining about trying to figure out his plans for retirement.

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