Seven Essential Strategies to Get More Profitable Clients – Part 1

This is the first in a series of blogs that offer a complete plan to get a steady flow of profitable clients and freedom to work the way you want. 

The problem

I’ve talked to many financial advisors who are struggling to get enough profitable clients. They don’t know how to attract ideal clients who pay them well and give good referrals.

 As a result they work hard with low paying clients. They feel the pressure to earn more money. They go out hunting for more clients. It’s hard work. They’re not sure where to find prospects or what to say when they meet them. They lack a follow-up system to nurture their leads. 

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Is Google Stealing Your Business?

If you’re strapped for time and want more of that precious commodity, here’s a trap you must avoid.

Google can be great. You can find information on practically anything. You can get useful information you need right now. That’s a real timesaver.

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Seven Essential Strategies to Get More Profitable Clients – Part 3

This is the third in a series of blogs that offer a complete plan to get a steady flow of profitable clients and freedom to work the way you want.

Strategy #3 Get the insider info about your target audience

Give yourself an unfair competitive advantage.

After you select your niche (also called target market) you’re now able to enjoy an unfair competitive advantage.

The advantage is deeply and truly understanding your audience, knowing exactly what your prospects really want—not what you imagine they want and not what your competitors claim they want.

There is power in knowing the words your audience actually use. This allows you to phrase your offers in their language to make your messages highly compelling.

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Read This, Or Suffer Like I Did

I’m a big believer in not reinventing the wheel. So when I started my practice I simply created my advertising and marketing like all the other coaches did.

BIG MISTAKE! Little did I realize 99.8% of businesses approach marketing in the wrong way. That goes for financial advisors too.

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Do You Make These Mistakes in Your Advisory Practice?

You may be making serious mistakes in building your financial advisor practice and not even know it.

Charlie Hutto was stressed out and missed not having enough time to spend with his wife and two boys. He was working long hours cold-calling house-to-house in the evening. He was barely achieving his asset goals. He wanted to ask for referrals but couldn’t make himself do it. When he discovered he was making mistakes number 1 and 5, he corrected that. As a result he achieved his assets goals four months early and gained six extra hours a week to spend with his family. He now loves asking for referrals and does it every chance he gets.

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Fact or Fiction? Specializing in a Narrow Niche Will Cost You Prospects and Clients

Many people believe that if you you focus on and specialize in a narrow niche that you’ll actually lose prospects and clients. Rid yourself of this myth and start getting another $2 million of assets a month.

It’s the most common self-defeating fear that holds advisors back from attracting at least two or three profitable referrals a month and adding $2 million of assets a month. They fear a niche will cost them business because they narrowed their pool of prospects.

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