The Number One Solution to Your Time Problems

image001cropped.jpgI remember when I used to jump at everything anyone thought was urgent—the daily assault of e-mail requests and offers, visitors dropping by for a friendly chat, the ringing phone from people wanting anything except to hire me, that article I stumbled upon while surfing the web that I just might use…someday.

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The Secret to Getting High Net Worth Prospects to Chase You

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-Tired chasing after prospects?
-Wondering what to say and write to attract high net worth clients?
-Do you struggle with your marketing messages?
-Wish you knew what to say and write to get high net worth prospects chasing you?

Learn the secret of attracting high net worth prospects and getting them to ask about your services.

Marketing is what you write or say to people to get them to ask about your services. To get prospects to ask, you need to write or say the right things.

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Don’t you dare ask for a referral

Don’t you dare ask for a referral. Are you crazy or something?

You worked so hard to build a strong trusting relationship with your client. You wowed him by serving his favorite fresh-baked cookies at your office. You even reserved a parking spot for him right by your office door. “This space reserved for Mr. and Mrs. Client.”

You enjoy them. They enjoy you.

You know there are others in his affluent family you would love to meet.

So you want to ask him for a favor and refer these people to you.

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