How to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Four easy fill-in-the-blanks value proposition templates.

We all know the importance of your value proposition. It’s the main thing that sets you apart from your competition. With the right value proposition, you’ll stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Yes, you studied hard to earn your designations. They help, but your competitors have them, too. You need something more. Without a compelling value proposition, you’re just another advisor. There’s no reason a prospect should choose you.

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Are your clients afraid to refer to you?

Do you wonder why you get so few referrals? You’ve studied hard, earned excellent credentials and give great service. Surely you have outstanding word-of-mouth – yet no referrals.

What could be the problem?

The Problem

Perhaps you should consider that maybe your clients and associates are afraid of making referrals.

“That’s crazy,” you retort. “What’s there to be afraid of?”

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How to build your email list to attract high net worth clients

This week’s blog focuses on a critical strategy for practice building.

Your list of email addresses is the best asset you have in your practice.

When you have a well attended, nurtured list that is big enough (the bigger, the better) you can get lucrative leads whenever you want.

One of my clients told me he can send out an offer to give a second opinion about prospects’ portfolios and make more than 50 K each time.

How do you get and develop such a valuable asset?

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The Three Main Reasons You’re Not Getting Referrals from Your Strategic Alliances

You felt great after having those nice conversations with CPAs, estate planners or other ancillary professionals. You thought you had a meeting of the minds and a nice source of referrals. You sent them referrals to sweeten the pot.

And you wait. And you wait. And nothing happens. No referrals.

You wonder what you did wrong.

Based upon my research, here are the top three mistakes you may have made.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Enthusiastically and Successfully Build Your Ideal Business

Have you ever watched the New Zealand men’s national rugby union team, the All Blacks perform the Haka, a traditional, Maori dance form prior to an important match?

You’d be fascinated by the way it transforms the energy level of the team. The dance is meant not so much as to intimidate the other team — I suspect, it could be that as well —- but to propel a high adrenaline rush in the home team to get them into their peak performance mode.

The first time it was performed by All Blacks, now adopted as a team ritual by sports teams across the world, was in New South Wales, Australia, in 1884. It left the spectators mesmerized. Later, the more perceptive among the coaches realized that the high decibel chanting of “Ka Mate! Ka Mate! Ka ora! Ka ora! Hae-haea! Ha!” a sort of a war cry could be a very powerful trigger to prod a team and draw out their best performance on the field.

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