Are you still using product oriented caveman selling methods?

– Are you struggling to get more profitable clients?

– Wondering if there’s some secret to easily getting a steady flow of them?

– Well, yes there is.

I stumbled upon it when I was a green 23-year-old life insurance agent back in the 1950’s (yes, I’m that old and still love what I do).

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How to Consistently Close More Sales

Mark was ecstatic! “I just closed a $50 M deal,” he exalted.

Mark had reason to celebrate. He had been unable to close many of his presentations in a long time. It had been a long hard struggle, much harder than he had imagined.

Mark’s Problem

He knew he had a lot to learn about finding and meeting prospects. He never had to do it working for his old wire house. Prospects were handed to him and he closed most of them.

Mark started his company nine months ago. He was now an independent RIA. Before that he worked for a wire house and was successful there. He had built a nice book of business over the years. He had studied hard, learned a lot, and was highly regarded by his clients.

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