Do You Make These Mistakes in Your Advisory Practice?

You may be making serious mistakes in building your financial advisor practice and not even know it.

Charlie Hutto was stressed out and missed not having enough time to spend with his wife and two boys. He was working long hours cold-calling house-to-house in the evening. He was barely achieving his asset goals. He wanted to ask for referrals but couldn’t make himself do it. When he discovered he was making mistakes number 1 and 5, he corrected that. As a result he achieved his assets goals four months early and gained six extra hours a week to spend with his family. He now loves asking for referrals and does it every chance he gets.

Chris Arnold was struggling, indecisive and isolated. Business was so bad, he was beginning to hate it. Then he discovered he was making mistakes number 2 and 3. When he corrected those two mistakes, his client acquisitions skyrocketed 147% in just four months.

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