Now you can discover the secrets of getting all the leads you can handle , with a steady flow of ideal clients and still have time left over to enjoy your life.

Attention: independent financial advisors and insurance agents

Our team of expert marketers have created the E-Learning Marketing System which will be your go-to solution for long term client and revenue growth.

Read on to discover how it works...


You know the drill...

You’ve worked hard for years, trying this new idea, or that new system...

You’ve bought the books, attended the seminars, enrolled in the programs...

You’ve had some success but you’re tired of all the peaks and valleys in your business...

And the clients you are able to bring in are far from ideal. They either don’t have the budget or they’re high maintenance, giving you no referrals and no repeat business.



This program has the perfect combination of online resources, tools and support to get you out of any financial distress you're presently experiencing…

  • while helping you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities 
  • so you can develop and then apply the fundamentals that build multimillion-dollar businesses.

The E-Learning Marketing System was created to give every independent financial advisor or insurance agent unrestricted access to the key business building ingredients.

For your convenience, it's ALL on-line, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your office or home.

It’s almost like getting a master’s degree in marketing from Harvard Business School without the $200,000 price tag.

PLUS it's a whole lot easier and faster...

  • the entire program takes only 12 months, not two years
  • It’s all taught online, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your office or home
  • so, you can keep on running your business and earning money instead of going off to some far away campus.
  • your investment is a whole lot less than the $97,200 Harvard tuition
  • following our program can be 10 times easier than the way you’re doing your marketing now

You can be next!

Imagine what your business would be like if you had a steady stream of ideal clients coming in.

How would it feel waking up every morning knowing that you were impacting the world on a bigger scale?

What would it feel like to finally have a business that was running on all cylinders at peak efficiency?

Now start thinking about hitting your most ambitious revenue goals every month.

You’ve probably already made a list of things you’d like to do when that happens; from investing back in the business to traveling with family to paying off a mortgage, the possibilities are endless.

If you’d like to take advantage of our E-Learning Marketing System and learn easy, practical and effective marketing strategies for getting more ideal clients with a step-by-step marketing course that guides you to build a million-dollar business from the ground up with less work and less stress, then there are number of ways to take advantage of this program and work with me, here are just three of the ways:

Hi, I’m Stan Mann, Strategic Marketing Specialist and I’ve been helping small business owners like independent financial advisors and insurance agents build efficient, effective and thriving practices for over 30 years

Stan Mann


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Get all the leads and clients you can handle with less work and less stress.

Here's what others have to say about the program...

Chris Arnold, President & CEO

“I was struggling, indecisive and isolated. Then I hired business coach Stan. Sales sky rocketed 147% in just 4 months while my stress levels fell dramatically. My personal life also improved immensely.

Stan has always been there to help me through all of life's challenging situations, both business wise and personally. I'd highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance especially personal coaching.

-Chris Arnold

Looking For One On One Coaching Help?

Limited Number of Spots Now Open for One-On-One Coaching

Ready for professional guidance?

We understand how to:

  • check
    Generate immediate sales
  • Create competition-crushing marketing
  • develop compelling offers
  • map out your entire sales process so you know exactly what to do and when to do it


During your one-on-one Business Breakthrough Strategy Session, we will focus on:

  • Identify the fastest strategies to gather assets for your financial advisory business.
  • Uncover hidden problems that may be undermining your efforts and causing you to work too many hours.
  • Leave your session knowing exactly how to get results faster and easier than ever and motivated to turn your business into a highly profitable, moneymaking machine that practically runs on automatic.

You will leave the session energized with a clear vision of your path to build a million-dollar business.

This site gives you...
Exclusive business advice to build a million-dollar business

Every financial advisor and insurance agent wants to generate more high net worth leads, attract more ideal clients and earn more money with less work and less stress. They also want to reach $1 million in annual revenue so they can lead a rich and rewarding life. They want a business that can run automatically by itself so they have time to do what they really want.

We have a proprietary system that nobody else has. It was specifically designed to provide you with all the tools, resources and support you need to achieve those goals. It's called the E-Learning Marketing System.

We help you dominate your market by showing you how to target your ideal client, discover exactly what they want during their buying decisions, and also create irresistible marketing messages that enable you to crush your competition.

You will get "done-for-you" proven and tested marketing and advertising templates. We help you create a successful lucrative sales process. You can then document this process and put your business on automatic pilot. Then you will not only have freedom of time to do whatever you want, your business will be valuable assets that you can franchise to other financial professionals. This provides you a lucrative passive revenue stream.

At this point, you’re not only building multimillion dollar business, you also work fewer hours while making more money.

We can prove it to you. Just watch our video "The 3 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make... And How to Overcome Them All." Just enter your name and email in the box below, and we'll show you the secrets you must know in order to be successful.