Now you can discover the secrets of getting all the leads you can handle , with a steady flow of ideal clients and still have time left over to enjoy your life.

Attention: independent financial advisors and insurance agents

A proven system with a tested track record for dramatically growing your practice

As a coach for financial advisors, we help you get more leads, more transactions, and more profits– while equipping you with all the tools and skills required to grow a modern financial practice.


Most financial advisors and agents spend their time on outdated or ineffective marketing.

Coaching for financial advisors can save time! Most advisors waste their time on ineffective tactics that do not have a clear strategy in place. Getting your name out there without a clear strategy guarantees that you waste your time and see frustratingly few results.


Most financial professionals don't even know where to begin to market their practice.

Marketing for financial advisors can start with a coach. Without a coach... 

They are bewildered about what to do to grow their practice.

They do nothing, or do some pray and spray marketing,

are disappointed with the results and feel frustrated and stressed.

They are forced to work long hours away from their families.

They attend networking events, only to find everybody is trying to sell. Nobody is buying.

Online marketing works well, but they don't know how to do it right.

They watch with envy some of their colleagues getting tons of business from social media.


Most advisors and agents think "marketing," and "selling" is sleazy.

Your practice won't build itself.

The big companies pour huge amounts of money into marketing themselves because they understand the value of marketing to push sales and grow their business.

Until you accept that your practice is a business, that marketing is critical, and that your "selling" every time you speak with a prospect, you will make much less money than you could.


Most advisors and agents don't have a reliable way of having people find them and reach out for initial consults.

Word-of-mouth is great, but it's not enough. If you rely on word-of-mouth you have no way of controlling or predicting when you can get more ideal clients.

Unless you fix this, you will constantly struggle with the uncertainty.


Many financial advisors and agents don't have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

When financial advisors hire a coach, they change their mindset. They find them earning about as much money they were making when they work a regular job and didn't have all the worries and headaches they have now. They have no clue how to make things better.


Most advisors and agents try to work with anybody that can write a check.

Their message is diluted. It doesn't speak to anybody in particular and, of course, nobody listens.

Advisors and agents don't understand that they need to solve a specific problem for a specific group of people. Ideally, these people will be easy to find, want what you have to offer and can afford your services.


Most advisors and agents freak out over anything related to technology.

They avoid technology like poison ivy.

Even though technology is where your biggest breakthroughs can happen.

That's why we help you tame the technology monster so you can put it to work to help you grow your practice.

Do you have:

  • A marketing plan supported by real metrics with proven results from a leading marketing team?
  • A detailed step-by-step plan to effortlessly grow your practice year after year?
  • A complete diagnostic of your business to determine the exact steps you need to take in order to grow your practice from where it is right now to where you really wanted to be?
  • A customized marketing roadmap to follow that removes all the guesswork?
  • World-class step-by-step Internet marketing and practice building content? 
  • A practice development plan tailored specifically to your unique practice in needs?


So why is that important, why be a great marketer?

Because if you sell financial products, or your money management services, or widgets, you are just an employee.

But if you market your business, you are a business owner in the true sense of the word.

And if you’re a great marketer, you can make more money while sleeping than your spouse can spend while awake.

Market Mastery Consulting is a proven, empowering system that gives financial advisors and insurance agents the missing pieces that let you build the full practice you desire

Market Mastery Consulting is a combination of one-on-one consultations via videoconferencing plus our E-Learning System which delivers weekly online marketing lessons straight to your in-box.It’s super-efficient because you can do it all from the comfort of you office or home, you never have to travel.

You can be next!

Imagine what your business would be like if you had a steady stream of ideal clients coming in.

How would it feel waking up every morning knowing that you were impacting the world on a bigger scale?

What would it feel like to finally have a business that was running on all cylinders at peak efficiency?

Now start thinking about hitting your most ambitious revenue goals every month.

You’ve probably already made a list of things you’d like to do when that happens; from investing back in the business to traveling with family to paying off a mortgage, the possibilities are endless.

When you're ready to end the struggle and move forward with confidence, take the next simple step:  Schedule a quick, no obligation phone call with Stan to find out how you can reliably add 5,7, even 10 or more new clients to your practice every month with predictability.

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Hi, I’m Stan Mann, Strategic Marketing Coach and I’ve been helping small business owners like independent financial advisors and insurance agents build efficient, effective and thriving practices for over 30 years

Stan Mann

Coaching for Financial Advisors