How I Work

Five Main Results Business Owners and Financial Advisors Can Get from Working with Me

The most obvious result you get from working with me is a mind free from conflicting intentions, doubts and negative beliefs.
Financial_Advisors-150x150We all have negative thoughts. They stress us out. They slow us down.  They prevent us from using our full potential. My background as a therapist is invaluable. I’ll help you clear those thoughts. You’ll feel lighter, more confident and perform much more effectively. With better performance, you’ll get better results.

More profitable clients

I’ll help you find your ideal clients, the ones you love to work with, are profitable and refer their friends. We’ll research where they gather; learn what they really want so you can write compelling copy that appeals to them. They’ll want your services and know just how to refer to you.

More revenue

By getting more of your ideal clients who have more assets and pay more, your revenue will naturally go up. Some of my clients’ revenue has double, tripled or quadrupled in a year like Chris Arnold. You may grow less or you may grow more.

More freedom to work the way you want

When you’re not working so hard trying to service a lot of low paying clients and have a pool of highly profitable ones, you’ll have more time. Eventually, you can be working 30 hours a week and take a couple family vacations each year.

A fulfilling business and life

With a peaceful mind, thriving practice and the resources to have a beautiful home, take fun filled vacations, send your kids to the best schools and contributing your favorite charities, you’ll feel fulfilled.

Five Main Results Executives Can Get from Working with Me

Much less struggle and effort

Practically everyone has habitual ways of thinking which impede their progress.  It’s like driving a car with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. I’ll help you take your foot off the brake.  I know how to clear your limiting beliefs, erroneous conclusions, conflicting intentions and unreasonable fears. You’ll gain a sense of support and increase confidence. With your negative thinking cleared away and a trained confident at your side, you’ll naturally feel supported and confident.

Lead from Your Strengths

We’ll build upon your strengths and competencies. Like everyone else, you’re almost invisible to yourself. I can look at you objectively and identify your strengths and possible weaknesses. We’ll focus on your strengths and work around your weaknesses. We’ll also use some effective online assessment tools to gain specific details about you in this area.

A big improvement in your performance

I act as you’re thinking partner to bounce ideas off, so you’ll make better decisions. You’ll have an unbiased confidant to help you think things through. I’m not part of your company’s competitive culture. I’m not tied to your organization, your friends or anyone else. I’ll be supporting your goals and no one else’s. With inner conflicts cleared away, you operate at your true potential. You’re more self-confident and certain about what to do. People sense this and are attracted to you. They are eager to follow you. You’re able to get more people to buy in.

Better results from your people

I know how to help you improve your communication skills and I have some powerful online tools to help you with that. You’ll be able to open the doors of communication with many different people. I’m also an expert in assertiveness training. There’s a clear distinction between aggressiveness and assertiveness. Aggressiveness is usually counterproductive and produces undesirable side effects. Assertiveness works and increases buy-in, loyalty and job satisfaction.

Momentum that makes it easier to get results

With strong support, clearer thinking, increased communication skills and ability to get results from your people, it’ll feel like the wind is at your back. You will get better and faster results. You’ll take effective and focused actions immediately. Together we’ll craft an action plan and devise strategies to march you toward your goals and get results. I’ll help you get out there fast taking effective action.

I Bring Specific Values to Our Work Together

Here are some important values and beliefs that are the foundation of our work together

I approach my relationship with you as your partner whose fundamental goal is to help you achieve a rich and rewarding life.

When you have me for your coach, you get an experienced confidant helping you succeed. Although you will probably hire me to help you get more profitable clients, or advance your career and make more money, what I really want for you is to have a rich and rewarding life. Getting more profitable clients or getting promoted and making more money, in my mind, is only a means to that end. Your business or career is a resource for you to reach that fundamental goal. I hold that your success in business should contribute to your happiness in all areas of your life.

I am your partner in success and believe you have more abilities than you imagine. You were born to win. Most of the resources you need are already in you waiting to be triggered, but may be blocked by your habitual ways of thinking.

My coaching is customized to your needs and where you are now. The principles and practices are adapted to you and your unique situation.

When You Become My Client

Here is an overview of the approach I’d take when working with you:

We’ll uncover any inner blocks, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and subconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck. Sometimes we’ll look at where these patterns started (often in childhood, but can be later in life as well).

For example, you might have beliefs like: “My colleagues are so far ahead of me, I’ll never be able to compete” or “People will think I’m showing off” or “I’m making a pest of myself by following up,” or “I’m getting too big for my britches.” We’ll clear these and replace them with positive beliefs so you perform at your full potential.

Another unreasonable fear, fear of public speaking is universal. Public speaking is a powerful marketing tactic and worthwhile mastering. However, if you’re like most people, you may be terrified to talk in front of a group. The common advice to keep on doing it until you get used to it does work, but is very painful. I have good news. You don’t have to suffer. I have methods that ease your fears quickly and easily. With your emotions under control, you’ll be a much better speaker

I have a knack for bringing out your best. As I described, I look for limiting beliefs, bring them to your attention and help you clear them. This raises the ceiling of what you thought possible. I also help you fill your gaps in knowledge by bringing to bear my 34 years of experience as a therapist, CEO executive, business owner and performance coach.

I am extremely effective at co-creating successful action plans with you to move you in the right direction. The process I use is to listen carefully, ask questions, give reading assignments, and most importantly, action assignments. All geared to advance you toward your goal.

It’s not a matter of whether you know more than I or I know more than you. It’s a matter of together, we know much more than either one. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Two heads are better than one.”

So I’ll be there with you holding your hand through the process and holding your feet to the fire as well.

Ours will be a dynamic relationship all about succeeding in business, career, and life. It is a friendly relationship based on trust and transparency.

What Makes Me Different?

First and foremost I know how to help you manage your emotions and clear away limiting beliefs and unreasonable fears. I bring my 16 years experience as a therapist to bear. I have a solid track record of helping my clients achieve outstanding success.

You benefit from my 42 years’ experience— as I said, 16 years as a therapist, four years at the helm of my own businesses, and 22 years as a business coach.

Author of the best-selling book, Triggers: a New Approach to Self-Motivation, published by Prentice Hall, a worldwide publisher of educational books. My book is crammed full of ideas for removing blocks to success.

So I can help you with both the business side AND emotional side of running a successful business. There are coaches out there who help you with your business and there are coaches who help you with your emotions. I’m the only one I know of who is fully trained to help you with both; the nuts and bolts of running, managing and marketing your business AND how to clear any self limiting beliefs, behaviors and habits that are slowing you down. These act as a brake to your progress. I help you get your foot off the brake.

Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect by working with me, visit the Solutions page to learn how I might help you