How to build your email list to attract high net worth clients

newspaperThis week’s blog focuses on a critical strategy for practice building.

Your list of email addresses is the best asset you have in your practice.

When you have a well attended, nurtured list that is big enough (the bigger, the better) you can get lucrative leads whenever you want.

One of my clients told me he can send out an offer to give a second opinion about prospects’ portfolios and make more than 50 K each time.

How do you get and develop such a valuable asset?

Here are the three best ways to build your list that are used by top producers.

  1. Start building your list as soon as you can, the earlier the better.
  2. Send valuable information to your list every week.
  3. Encourage your readers to tell other financial professionals to subscribe to your list.

Start Building Your List As Soon As You Can

Start your list even before you are ready – before you have a website, before you have valuable content to share, before you have a niche.

Your list can be email addresses of friends and colleagues, and certainly prospects. You can ask them, “would you mind sharing your email address so we can stay in touch more easily?” Is not as good as being able to offer them a valuable article in return, but it can work.

Send Valuable Information to Your List Every Week

People much prefer doing business with people they know, better yet if they like and trust them. Part of building that kind of relationship is to be helpful. Givers gain. When your list gets free valuable information from you, they grow to like and trust you.

This system is often referred to as nurturing your list or dripping on them, like dripping liquid fertilizer on crops.

Encourage Readers to Tell Other Financial Professionals to Subscribe to Your List

This is a way to grow your list virally. If you send good content people will want to tell others and others will want to tell others and so on. Ask your readers to share your blog at the end of every article.

Target a specific audience, your target market or niche. This makes it much easier to write your articles. You can write in specific terms that appeal to them. It also helps you write in a conversational tone. A conversational tone appeals to more people and attracts them to you as a real human being.

Describe to yourself your ideal prospect in detail. Then imagine sitting across the table and having a cozy conversation as you write instead of talk.

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I hope these ideas help you build a rich and rewarding business and life and you’re amply rewarded for your efforts.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about me and my blog. Ask them to subscribe. They’ll thank you for it.


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