How to Get Referrals by Sending Emails to Your List

Referrals are one of the best ways to get new clients. The prospect is already predisposed to use your services. This makes closing the deal much easier.

If you have an email list, you can send emails that will get you more referrals.

Your email will contain two parts: your message to your contact and a sample email to send to a prospect.

Here’s what to write in your referral getting email.

Help Them Get a Picture of Whom They Might Refer

First ask a question. Do they know someone who has (the specific problems you solve).

It might be they are worried about leaving an inheritance to the children. (Here’s a tip: More people understand “inheritance” better than “legacy,” so make yourself easy to understand.

Other problems advisors help with are:

  • Avoid taxes,
  • Never run out of money,
  • Know how much of your money is safe to spend so you can enjoy life now

Next, describe the kind of situation and stress of someone who would be a candidate for your services.

For instance, a friend who is longing to visit her aging parents in Scotland, but is afraid to spend the money. You can then tell a true story of how you helped a client discover she could visit her parents without jeopardizing her retirement.

Increase Rapport

If possible, follow-up this story with your own story of how you worried about finances until you discovered the solution and how you felt so relieved and happy.

Position Yourself As an Expert

Describe how many years you have been studying similar problems and have helped many people with such problems. You can mention your relevant credentials or courses you taken. Make this brief.

Make It Urgent

Tell how passionate you are about helping more people. Even though you’re very busy, you decided to free up room to give five free financial consultations.

Make Your Offer

Tell them you’re giving away these few financial consultations the next two weeks.

Ask them if they know someone they’d like to get help. If so, please introduce them to you by email.

Include an Email Template for Them to Use. People are very busy and appreciate you making things easy.

When you write the letter for them to send to their friend, include these points

  • He is an expert in helping (your niche) solve financial problems like you mentioned to me.
  • I found him to be very understanding and compassionate.
  • His schedule is almost full.
  • He has offered to give you a free financial consultation.
  • You can call him at_________ or,
  • I’ve copied him on this email and you can contact him that way
  • I recommend you call him right away because he has only five spots left and they go really fast.

There you have it. Compose such a letter and send it to your list and get more referrals.

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