Is Google Stealing Your Business?

seductive-womanIf you’re strapped for time and want more of that precious commodity, here’s a trap you must avoid.

Google can be great. You can find information on practically anything. You can get useful information you need right now. That’s a real timesaver.

Sometimes you stumble upon something totally unexpected. It can be something you never thought of that fits perfectly with what you’re trying to do. Congratulations!

Here’s the Trap!

The web is, oh, so seductive. Sometimes you stumble upon a great piece of information, idea or system that doesn’t fit for you right now. You’re not ready for it. It’s not something that will advance your goals today, in the future – maybe. And you read on. You find some related articles on the idea. You find parts of the idea you don’t quite understand, so you research that. Before you know it, Google has sucked a big block of your precious time.

I’ve been guilty of squandering my limited precious time delving into the Internet’s precious gems of information, ideas or systems that fascinated me. After spending maybe an hour with this new alluring stranger, I would finally squirrel it away into my Future Ideas folder. I have things in this folder that are 22 years old! I have hundreds of things I’ve never used. And never will use. What a waste.

I’ve learned my lesson. No more investigating things that aren’t relevant right now, things you’re not ready for. Those ideas will be out there waiting if I need them.

Why do I and millions of inquisitive, creative entrepreneurs waste their time this way? Because it’s so rewarding at the moment. It feels so good to discover something new and intriguing. We can see the possibilities it has for enriching our lives and business in the future.

It’s human nature. It’s natural. It’s seductive. It’s a waste of time.

New Rules

If you stumble upon a fascinating idea on the Internet and it’s not immediately obvious it can help advance your goal NOW, throw the seductive siren a kiss from afar and move on.

That goes double for e-mail.

Remember to ask yourself continually that important question posed by many time management gurus, “What is the most important use of my time right NOW?”

Don’t let Google rob you of your precious time.

How much time have you wasted googling? Maybe you disagree it’s a waste of time. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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