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Executive Performance Coaching Program

BizMan2Facing a big challenge?

Become a more effective leader who gets results by developing the skills and abilities of your team members.

Maximize the probability of your success if you’re taking on a big new project or just got a promotion or you need to give your career a kickstart.


  • you’re starting a big new project for your company, adding new services, new location, or forming new alliances with independent advisors and vendors. Pulling off this project successfully will greatly benefit your company.
  • you just got a promotion and you’re facing fresh challenges.
  •  your career is languishing and you need to something impressive and fast.

Each of these scenarios requires you to perform at your peak, probably better than you have ever performed before.

Having me in your corner providing mastermind discussions, guidance and support may be exactly what you need to ensure success. I can help you with …

The four most vexing problems plaguing executives today:

Loneliness at the top

There is no one to talk to who doesn’t have their own agenda. Tell coworkers the future looks gloomy and they will bolt. Tell them how great things are going and they’ll want a raise. Reveal your anxieties and fears and you lose their confidence and support. You can never be sure their advice is not self-serving. Everybody’s priority is themselves, not you.

Neglecting to work on what’s really important

You’re so busy putting out fires and taking up somebody else’s slack, you’re wasting time doing things that are urgent but not important. You know if you spend time working on the truly important things, your business would thrive.

Underperforming leadership

Everybody knows indecision, procrastination, unreasonable fears and conflicting intentions interfere with your performance. Fear of public speaking, disciplining employees, and being aggressive instead of assertive are some of the common mental roadblocks that may be degrading your performance. As I like to say, you have one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake.

Underperforming team

Your people are not self-reliant enough and are always coming to you for answers. It’s time-consuming and drains your energy. Sometimes you do the work yourself because it’s faster and easier at the moment. They’re simply are not taking enough of the load off your back.

Here’s what you need instead:

Someone outside your company’s competitive culture to confide in

You need someone with a single agenda – the successful achievement of your goals – a trained observer who covers your blind spots and gives you ongoing honest feedback. Someone to help you be more creative and come up with exciting fresh ideas.

A mind that’s clear

No conflicting intentions, doubts, and limiting beliefs. Everybody has these to some degree. With negative thinking out-of-the-way, your foot is off the brake and you perform at your peak potential.

A steady clear focus

on what’s truly important and away from what’s only urgent and not important. Being crystal clear on what really matters. Don’t waste time and energy working on the wrong things. When you invest time on what really matters, your business takes off.

To be a highly effective delegator and developer of your people

You need not only the know-how, but also the discipline to stick with it. Say no without feeling guilty. This will create a highly effective team that’s more productive, creative and takes the load off your back. Your team will be more excited about what’s possible because they’re doing work that’s more meaningful to them. They’ll come up with new ideas instead of it being all up to you. You’ll stop feeling overwhelmed and have a sense of control and clarity

If you’re wondering if this is possible for you, the answer is YES!

I have helped executives reach these goals with my practical High Performance Coaching for Executives program

What’s missing is personal individual guidance from a professional coach who specializes in guiding and motivating top executives.

Creating a high-performing business is doable with my straightforward and practical approach that guides and supports you every step of the way.

The solution:

High Performance Coaching for Executives

This practical coaching program is for executives looking for time-tested solutions and undivided support to create your ideal business — take on that big project, energize your team, get more profitable advisors and vendors, and have the freedom to work the way you want.

Outline of the Plan We Would Be Following for 6 to 18 Months

The main result I provide my clients is helping to increase their performance and achieve their big goals.

I do that by helping you…

  • Clear away your mental blocks
  • Make better decisions
  • Be a high-performing leader
  • Develop a high performance team

I just want to let you know that the challenges I have been writing about are very common. I helped a lot of executives with similar challenges and similar goals. My service has helped many companies like yours reach their objectives.

My program is called “High Performance Coaching for Executives,” because that’s exactly what it does. You start growing in a way that gives you great results with much less stress and much less work. I provide weekly telephone coaching over a 6-18-month period where we work together to achieve your most important goals easier and much more quickly.

Here’s how we’ll work together and the results we’ll produce:

I’ll work with you intensively to help you learn the needed mindset and skills. We’ll develop action plans and get out there as soon as possible to achieve your goals.

This is a hands-on program where we build knowledge and skills. We’ll create strategies and go into action. I’ll evaluate the results you achieve, help you recalibrate and show you exactly how to continually improve performance. At that point your growth rate will accelerate. You’ll not only know what to do, you’ll know how to do it with the right attitude and become more skillful overtime by continually learning to do it better.

We’ll track your progress from where you are now to where you go. In fact, each week, you’ll send me a progress report so I know what you’re working on and what your challenges are.

I’ll help you be a better leader by showing you how to develop your people to be more self-reliant, creative and responsible.

Next, I help you create strategies and launch into action. I’ll evaluate the results you achieve, help you recalibrate, and show you exactly how to continually improve your performance. At that point your growth rate will accelerate.

The program is customized to your needs and where you are now. Although we covered very specific principles and practices, these are adapted to you and your unique situation.

So I’ll be there with you helping you overcome obstacles, acquire new skills, and improve your performance. The best part of this process is that once we have worked through these steps, you will have a true grasp of how to be a great leader. You’ll be prepared to grow your organization in ways you never before thought possible and probably have fun while you’re doing it!
Ultimately, you’ll be left with strategies, plans and skills to achieve big goals consistently. You’ll feel more clear and confident about the best way to run your business.

Whenever you reveal any limiting beliefs, I’ll help you clear them. You’ll look, sound and act more self-assured. People will feel it and react positively.

I help you with specific challenges you might have.

  • dealing with the psychological stress of making tough decisions
  • saying no without feeling guilty
  • fear of public speaking


I will help you with your inner game and clear problems in three areas:

  1. your knowledge, thinking, self talk and judgments;
  2. your emotional reactions like fear, indecision, and procrastination;
  3. and the resulting poor performance.


My training as a clinical social worker is a huge help here. I know of no one who is an expert in both financial practice marketing
AND clearing emotional blocks, what I call the outer and inner games.

Our work will be relevant, urgent and immediately useful because it’s tied to your goals. it’s not just a “soft skill” feel-good initiative.


FREE BONUS #1: Improve your communication skills with a computerized self-assessment of your communication style. You’ll find it a powerful tool for influencing others. You’ll be able to communicate with people who think differently than you. You’ll be able to work successfully with a wider range of people. Did you know you need to talk differently to your designers than you do to your accountants, and still differently to your managers?

FREE BONUS #2: Understand your hidden motivators and the motivators of others. It’s another computerized self-assessment you’ll take online. You will learn the six main values in our society. You can avoid unnecessary conflict when you understand what motivates people. You also will achieve deeper rapport with more people. This will help you get more buy-in from people.

To sum it up, this program will get you moving in the right direction and maximize the probability of success.

Is High-Performance Executive Coaching right for you?

I’ve worked with medium size to blue-chip clients, from Ford Motor Company to shelving.com

It is highly effective for executives of any level who need to get results through others.

It has also been tailored to address specific organizational challenges, such as:

  • Sales managers and leaders improving the productivity of front-line sales staff.
  • Executives enhancing organizational resilience during a significant change project.

If You Work with Me There are Certain Things You Need to Do to Ensure Success

A big part of the plan is tracking both actions and results. I’ll ask you to send me a report every week by email to tell me what you’re working on, what you’ve accomplished and what you plan to do the following week. These reports may be the most important part of the program. They only take a few minutes to do, but they really are the glue that holds the program together. I call the form the Client Success Accelerator.

You need to send me the Client Success Accelerator 24 hours in advance of each session, do the assignments I’ll be giving you and ask for assistance anytime you get stuck.

As a result of working with me you’ll achieve…

  • Your goals with much less struggle and effort
  • A big improvement in your performance
  • Better results from your people
  • Momentum that makes it easier to get results

Let me remind you what you’ll be moving away from…

  • Being isolated
  • Coping with uncertainty, self-doubt and conflicting intent
  • A team that saps your time and energy

The expected outcome is you will…

  • Become a more effective leader
  • Create high-performing team (s)
  • Reach big goals consistently

I personally guarantee you’ll get real value out of every session.

I transitioned from being a therapist to a business coach in 1992. I’m the author of a motivational book published by Prentice Hall. I understand the unique challenges faced by financial advisors. I provide tailored solutions to the most vexing problems independent financial advisors face. I know exactly how to get you unstuck and growing fast.

My solid record of success proves my approach works. It can work for you as well. I can help you wherever you may be by telephone or videoconferencing.

If you’re wondering if this program is right for you, I invite you to contact me for a complementary High-Performance Strategy Session.

In that session we’ll explore what challenges you and/or your team members face, what kind of results you’d like to see instead and whether this program may be of help or not. Whatever the outcome, you’ll leave the conversation clear about the issues you’re facing and excited about what’s possible.

The conversation takes about an hour by phone. Click here to book a High-Performance Strategy Session, I’d love to hear your challenges and if I can help you.