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Independent Financial Advisors– Are You Ready to Get More Profitable, High Net Worth Clients and Work the Hours You Want?


Introducing an approach to get more profitable, high net worth, clients and take your business to the next level.


Is this you? You’re a successful business owner who’s feeling frustrated because you know your business could be so much more than it is. But you hit your production ceiling. You’re a very busy financial professional who is good at what you do and provide real value to your clients. And you want to start growing again and help more people.


Imagine having a practice where you’re able to target and acquire high net worth prospects, separate yourself from the crowd and be perceived as elite in your industry, have a compelling marketing message that draws prospects like honey drawing bees, and have a group of raving fans who help you improve your practice and provide a steady flow of ideal referrals.


This is what most financial advisors want but they don’t know how to get from where they are to where they want to be because they are either avoiding certain effective business-building approaches, or they’re making serious mistakes in trying to grow their practice. So the struggle continues.

Here’s the solution you may have been looking for. I offer time-tested systems used by successful advisors to get more profitable, high net worth, clients. Take this next step to get some practical help to grow your business.

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This powerful book tells you how to –

  • Develop the right mindset for success
  • Specialize in a niche and become magnetically attractive to clients
  • Get the inside scoop on your tribe
  • Position yourself as the “go to” financial expert
  • Create compelling, irresistible offers
  • Make your website a lead-generating machine
  • Generate referrals from a cadre of raving fans
  • Take action and follow up

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P.S. Here is what my client says:

“I used to be stressed out working long evenings cold calling house-to-house. I really missed family time with my wife and two boys. On top of that, I wasn’t able to bring myself to ask for referrals and was working my head off with too many unprofitable clients.

“All that turned around after working with Stan. He taught me more effective prospecting activities. I am now getting more profitable high-end clients and have exceeded my asset goals for the year. What’s more, I easily ask for referrals at every opportunity. In fact, I enjoy it.

Charlie Hutto, Financial Advisor