The Secret to Getting High Net Worth Prospects to Chase You

-Tired chasing after prospects?
-Wondering what to say and write to attract high net worth clients?
-Do you struggle with your marketing messages?
-Wish you knew what to say and write to get high net worth prospects chasing you?

ListeningLearn the secret of attracting high net worth prospects and getting them to ask about your services.

Marketing is what you write or say to people to get them to ask about your services.

To get prospects to ask, you need to write or say the right things.


So what are the right things to write or say?

  • It’s not an impressive mission statement.
  • It’s not touting your rewards and honors.
  • It’s not talking about yourself and how good you are.

So, if it’s not those things, what is it? You need to talk about them, your prospects, your target market.

Ever meet a blowhard at a party? He goes on and on bragging about himself. I had a neighbor who would always introduce himself as DOCTOR  Smith. Even when somebody introduced him and said, “This is Jim.” Mr. pompous neighbor would reply, “Hello, I’m DOCTOR Smith.” (He had a PhD in history.)

I’m sure you don’t want to be like him, not in your personal life nor in your business.

So, you might wonder, what do I write or say about my target market? Who has the answers? Do I hire an expensive $500 an hour marketing expert?


No, there is a much better place to get answers. It’s the absolute best, authoritative source of what your prospects want, will buy and actually chase you to get your financial services.

Not only is it THE source, it’s FREE.

They are your clients, prospects and their friends and anybody else in your target market.

All you have to do is ask. Ask and you will receive. 

  • Want to know what services they want to buy? Ask.
  • Want to know what attracts them to a financial advisor? Ask.
  • Want to know the best way to reach them, is it email, telephone, fax, or regular mail? Just ask.

So, exactly how do you go about asking? You can do it informally as the opportunity presents itself.

For instance at the end of your regular portfolio review, you can pull out your list of marketing questions and ask your client, “would you mind giving me your advice about how to grow my business.”

Most clients are eager to help. They are flattered by your request. Your engaging the client, making him a partner in your success. This deepens your relationship and binds him closer to you. You could even make him a member of your Advisory Board, but that’s another blog.

Here, you’re killing two birds with one stone. You’re deepening your relationship and getting a gold mine of marketing information from the perfect source for free.

You also can do this research more formally and systematically. You can make it a campaign. This will give you more information quicker and faster.

Here’s what you do:

  • First, write your list of the dozen or so questions. What would you really love to know about your prospects needs, desires and habits.
  • Second, make a list of clients and prospects.
  • Third, call on them one by one.

Explain you’re not selling anything. You’re doing a 10 minute survey to improve your financial practice so you can serve people better. You will share the results with them when you’re done. About 90% of people you know will agree. About 40% of strangers will agree. That’s much better than cold calling.

Start with your clients. At the end of each interview, ask who else you should talk to. Follow-up with all your leads until you have 10 – 20 interviews.

Take careful notes. Resist the temptation to paraphrase. You want to use their words in your advertising.

Analyze your notes. You’ll discover just what to say and do to attract ideal, HNW clients.

Start with your USP, unique selling proposition. “I help (target market) get (results they said they wanted).

For instance, mine is “I help financial professionals get more profitable, HNW clients faster with less work and less stress.”

You might say something like; “I help people nearing retirement get a worry free income that lasts their entire life.”

Or, “I help top executives who are worried about their retirement options make the right choices.”

After writing your USP, also called an elevator talk, test it in the real world. Networking events are perfect for this. Memorize and practice your little talk first. Then go out.

When you meet someone, be interested, get to know them. Then when the moment of truth arrives and they ask you what do you do. Smile, look at them and say, “I help______.”

Never, never answer “I am a financial advisor.” Don’t deny it, just keep it in the background.

What do you do with the rest of the precious data you collected? Use it in all your communications; your brochures, your website, blogs, letters, everything.

When you write, write as though you’re sitting down for coffee with a friendly investor. Use conversational language and avoid jargon. For instance 401(k) becomes your savings plan at work.


Put these steps into action and you’ll see your financial practice grow faster and easier. Prospects will actually begin chasing you.

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