The Three Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make…And How To Overcome Them All

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  • a powerful marketing equation that will enable you to create your very own competition-crushing marketing
  • the one business fundamental that will allow you to separate your business from your competition… and in the process, completely dominate your market
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  • Dominate Your Competition Right From The Start
  • Generate Immediate Cash Flow
  • Out-Think, Out-Market And Out-Sell Your Competition
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Stan Mann
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  1. The ability to generate leads is the top weakness of all businesses. Leads are needed so that you can turn those leads into customers, on your schedule and consistently so that your business stays at just the right level of busy so you can meet all your business and personal objectives. Without leads there are very options as far as finding new customers. They might come to you all at once, and there might be large gaps of time when no customers show up.

  2. This creates stress in the Entrepreneur, who is left wondering when the next customer is going to walk in the door. Then the next thing most small businesses do is start to compete on price. Once a business starts cutting prices to get business, profits just go downhill from there.

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