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One-Time Only Video Marketing Webinar for You

Financial Advisors’ Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed

Sometimes it’s overwhelming…

There’s so much to learn to market your practice on the internet.

And just when you feel like you’re starting to understand digital marketing, there’s more to learn, like video.

We believe that digital marketing strategies, including video, are a game changer for how financial advisors attract new clients and keep the clients they have for a very long time.

So we started looking for a resource for you to help you get up to speed quickly and easily. We looked for strategies that you can implement in a turnkey way that won’t take you away from what you really want to be doing: helping your clients live their dreams through your exceptional financial planning services.

…And we finally found it.

Jill Addison wrote an incredible book called “Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success”. We’ve been so impressed with her approach that’s customized for financial advisors like you that we reached out to her to get her on this special One-Time Only, Exclusive Live Webinar for you scheduled on Wednesday, August 23.

And we even talked her into giving you a free copy of her book when you register for the webinar. (You’re welcome.)

Get your free copy of this simple but powerful book when you register for this game-changing webinar.

So write this down in your calendar now…

Exclusive Webinar:

Financial Advisors’ Digital Marketing Secrets Revealed


Wednesday, August 23


11am PST

12am MST

1pm CST

2pm EST

You Will Discover…

  • How to automate your marketing
  • How to stand out with educational and entertaining videos
  • How to engage prospects and clients with your digital presence  
  • How to speed up the pace of your referrals
  • How your videos give you authority, credibility and “local star power”

You’ll also discover…

  • The best and most efficient ways to use video content to get new clients and referrals
  • WHY video is working so well, in case you’re one of the few who are still skeptical about video (and why it’s a must to leverage video marketing in 2017 and beyond)
  • How video accelerates every other marketing strategy you have, so it’s not just one tool, it’s like a super tool that makes every other tool more effective
  • An easy way to get testimonial type credibility that is compliance friendly
  • How an online presence moves people several steps along in your sales process before you ever even talk with them in person
  • How your videos pre-dispose your ideal prospects to become your clients before you ever meet with them
  • How your current real life relationships can be taken onto the internet, and also how your internet relationships can be taken into real life relationships
  • How your clients are enticed to refer you to new clients on a regular basis without you even asking
  • One amazing secret that makes it impossible for your clients NOT to refer you

We are expecting to book this webinar to full capacity on Wednesday, August 23, so don’t wait, click here to grab your spot now. And remember, you get a copy of the book with your webinar registration, completely free.


“Every part of this webinar spoke to me. Jill knows our industry and that most of us are behind the curve on digital marketing. The content made perfect sense to me and helped me get up and running very quickly with video marketing strategies.”
Ernest AlmanzaFinancial AdvisorDallas/Ft Worth Area


Jill Addison has helped hundreds of small business owners and financial advisors like you generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business by leveraging cutting edge video marketing strategies (powered by Social Media, YouTube, and Email Marketing) to grow your practice quickly.
Jill AddisonFounder, FA Client Machine  Digital Marketing Expert & Video Specialist for Financial Advisors


Click here to claim your spot now on this exclusive, one-time only live webinar to get up to speed on new video marketing strategies fast.

On this webinar, Jill is going to reveal the secrets she’s used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business through her video marketing strategies.

And you’ll hear Case Studies that you won’t hear anywhere else about how these video marketing strategies have worked for financial advisors like you.

What Other Leaders in the Financial Services Industry are Saying About Video Marketing:

“What I want to tell Financial Advisors is, you know you need video. You’ve seen the power of it, there’s something magical about it. So just get out there and do it!”
Joe SimondsDigital Marketing MaverickCreator of “Advisor Black Box”


  “The #1 thing you need to do today in your financial services practice is to create engaging, educational content for your marketing, like videos.”
Marty MoruaTechnology Advisor for RIAs at Allbackoffice Consulting, LLC


We are really excited about everything Jill is going to share with you, because we know it’s going to have a revolutionary impact on how you market your practice on the internet. So don’t wait.

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Get Your Free Copy of This BookFinancial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success


Looking forward to our time together!

Stan Mann

P.S.- Remember, we’ve lined up a free copy of this book for you with your webinar registration, so click here now to get your free book when you register for the webinar.

P.P.S.-This is a One-Time Only Event, so please don’t miss this opportunity to get up to speed quickly and easily on video marketing strategies that can make all the difference in your practice. Click here to register now.