Niche Webinar

Get Clients Today: Secrets to Finding Lucrative Niches & Attracting Wealthy Clients

Free video training to grow your business substantially in 6 months or less with a time tested system used by top producers.

Now I realize that that sounds like a big promise, but believe me when I say that these secrets I’m showing you today will give you the exact steps that I’ve used countless times with my clients to do just that

If you fear you will narrow your pool of prospects if you focus on a niche, you can put your fears at rest. This webinar shows you how having a niche will give you a bigger and better pool of prospects who are eager to hear what you have to offer.

Another thing, most advisors struggle unnecessarily trying to get a niche. They are given agonizingly complicated instructions with no assurance that they will like the resulting new niche. The niche often does not meet the criteria for a rich niche. Members of the niche are often not easy to find nor enjoyable to work with.

This webinar will turn everything you thought you knew about finding a niche upside down.

You will learn how top producers have used this new, easy, sure-fire way to find a cash-rich niche that attracts more profitable clients.

I’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to:

  • Easily find a niche that’s right for you, if you don’t already have one.
  • Evaluate how effective your current niche is — If you have one.
  • Improve your niche and make it more lucrative.
  • Form productive relationships with ancillary professionals.

You will leave the webinar knowing exactly what to do to start attracting more high net worth clients now. And without all the fear and pain that goes with traditional niche finding methods.

Why Have a Niche?

  • When you can provide specific solutions for a defined target market, you are more valuable and can charge more.
  • When you can paint a clear picture of who you help, it’s easier for clients to refer to you.
  • CPAs and estate planning attorneys will be attracted to you when you can explain the specific solutions you provide for your clients. You’ll form lucrative alliances.

And I’m revealing a little-known secret that may shock you.

I’m also giving away a valuable attendance prize.


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