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Business Coaching For Financial Advisors and Planners

Here are the situations, issues and problems I can help you with. Do any of these sound familiar?

who-I-help-150x150Your business is growing fast. It’s grown beyond your wingspan. You were able to keep on top of things before, but now it’s just too much. You need to develop leadership skills and get others to help you carry the load. You have to learn to trust others to do important things you did yourself. You probably got a lot of business because you’re such a nice guy, but being a nice guy to subordinates doesn’t always work. Sometimes you have to be tough and you hate it. You realize you have to change the way you’ve been doing business and you have to change yourself.

You’re business has hit a wall. You’ve been successful for a few years. And you are hungry for more assets. You have between $20 million and $100 million in assets. But you can’t figure out how to service all your clients, run the office, manage your staff, make sure you’re compliant and still have time to grow. You’re working way too hard and stealing time from your family. It’s time to change the way you think and transform your leadership style.

You’re taking on a big project, maybe a new division or service. You are suddenly faced with a whole new set of challenges. It’s daunting, unfamiliar territory. There’s no blueprint you can follow. You’re going to have to come up with creative solutions as you go. You need a thinking partner, one who understands how to solve knotty problems. Maybe you have family members to work with. That can be very sensitive. You need someone who can help you negotiate assertively and tactfully. You’re raring to go and want to maximize the probability of success.

You’re a top executive who’s taken on a priority project. It’s an honor, a chance to prove yourself. (Oh, by the way, your present boss probably expects you to perform your current duties too). Meanwhile, the leader of the project will be judging your performance. Your future career is hanging in the balance. You have to perform like you never performed before. You need support. You need to discuss things with a trusted confident that is not a member of of the company’s competitive culture. You need someone without any axes to grind, whose only goal is to help you succeed. It would also be cool if your helper is a secret so your boss and project manager thinks you did it entirely on your own.

You love what you do and you’re great at it, but that’s not enough to get people ringing the phone to hire you. You thought word-of-mouth would do the trick and now realize you need to market, but you don’t know how. You don’t like marketing. Promoting yourself and asking for favors makes you nervous. Nevertheless, you want to help more people. So you read books, attended webinars and lectures, even enrolled in a college course on marketing and nothing works. You need something that works.

You left your job at the wire house to become a registered independent advisor and now you realize you don’t know how to get new clients. You know how to create great value for your clients. You’ve been doing it for years. The problem is your wire house had been getting your clients for you. Now you have to find them yourself and sell your services. And you really don’t know how to do that. When you try, you’re amazed at how stressful it is. Prospects say “no” and you feel shut down by all the rejection. You wonder if there’s something wrong with you, are you doing it right, if there’s a better way.

You have a successful boutique financial advisory practice and you’re stuck. You’re feeling stressed out and having trouble making yourself do the things you know you should do. You procrastinate, are disorganized and feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do. You know you have a gift and want to help a lot of people. You really want to clear your internal blocks and get going again. You’re feeling so much stress, you’re functioning poorly. You developed a bad case of sale call reluctance. No longer do you enjoy going to the office like you used to. In fact you hate it, even hate getting out of bed in the morning. Something’s got to give.

You’re running a successful business and you want to do better. Although you’ve achieved a nice level of success, you realize you could go much higher. You want to learn new approaches and strategies for business building. You’ve become aware that to grow your business you need to grow yourself. You suspect it’s time to go into new uncharted territory, both in business and in your thinking.

If you’re in any of the above situations and want to change, I most likely can help.

My clients and have been in the following types of businesses and industries:

  • Finance: financial advisors, planners, wealth managers and registered investment advisors, mortgage brokers.
  • Holistic Health: naturopathic physicians, massage therapists, and other holistic/spiritual/bodywork modalities.
  • Medical/Allied Health: psychologists, therapists, surgeons Corporate: top executives, CEOs, vice president of divisions.
  • Self-Employed Professionals: recruiters, manufacturing representatives.

What are the possibilities for you?

The situations I’ve been describing are taken from my 22 years as a business coach where I helped my clients overcome internal resistances and achieve breakthroughs to higher levels of success.

But, can I help you?

I most likely can if:

  • You’re excellent at what you do, or do your best to be. You’re committed to lifelong learning to grow both your business and yourself.
  • You’re dedicated to serving. You strive to make a difference in your clients’ lives. You’re always looking to add more value.
  • You’re ethical. You understand and live; “honesty is the best policy.”
  • You want to widen your comfort zone and do new things.
  • You have a collaborative spirit which seeks to combine your wisdom with someone to achieve your goals. Willing and able to appreciate and share credit.
  • You’re a hard worker. Committed to success, you love what you do. You are persistent and willing to try new things to achieve results.
  • You have a pool of ideal clients you can use as a resource to grow. Or you don’t have such a pool and understand that becoming profitable will take longer. You have the financial and emotional wherewithal for the long haul.
  • You are willing to invest in your business because you realize your return on investment can be huge. You see clearly that it is an investment and not an expense.

Here’s what to do next

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about HOW I HELP