Would You Have the Courage?

In a previous article I described how a business coach acts as your sounding board, your motivator and friend to guide you to the outcomes you want. Sometimes a financial advisor coach helps you dig down deep inside yourself to take courageous action.

Here’s a real-life example of how that looks in action.

Sheila had a thriving wealth management practice. There were three offices and she was the CEO of the whole operation.

It was a family business. She and her younger brother ran the main office in San Francisco, another brother ran their operations in Albuquerque and the oldest brother, Matt, was in charge of Oklahoma City.

Everybody was doing a top-notch job except brother Matt. He was tying up a lucrative territory. Acquisitions were only one third of what they should have been.

To make matters worse, Matt had an abrasive personality and when he visited the main office, he managed to spoil everyone’s mood.

As you can imagine, it was an emotionally difficult problem for Sheila. All attempts to help Matt increase his productivity failed. This had been going on for over three years.

I was her Sheila’s business coach and she discussed this problem with me. She didn’t want to see it at first, but as she talked she realized she would have to let Matt go. She knew Matt would not go quietly. Sheila felt stuck and unable to confront him.

Here’s How Sheila Solved This Sensitive Problem

To give her emotional support, we decided Sheila should discuss the matter with the rest of the family. This included mom and dad who had founded the business. They supported her decision to fire Matt. This gave her more courage.

However, it still wasn’t enough. She procrastinated for three more months. She still did not feel confident enough. Mind you, Sheila had made many tough decisions. But this decision was really tough.

We confirmed that she wanted to fire her brother and needed help to go into action. So I used my proprietary TRIGGERS mind-programming method to infuse her with abundant self-confidence. It just took five minutes.

At the next session she excitedly reported she had confronted Matt. He reacted badly and started to give her all kinds of arguments. Sheila was able to handle this difficult situation well by using some assertive techniques I had taught her. Finally, seeing he could not beat her down, Matt stormed out of the office vowing never to speak to the family again.

It took two months to hire a real go-getter to fill Matt’s shoes. It took five months for Matt to get over his pouting and reconcile with the family.

With the new advisor in place, the company’s bottom line achieved a new high. The Oklahoma City office now brings in about $45,000 in fee only business per month on average, up from approximately $23,000. Furthermore, Sheila’s self-esteem went up a couple notches and her stress levels dropped about 40 notches.

This is an example how business coaching helps the owner of a financial advisor firm achieve great results—grow your business faster, achieve more self-confidence, reduce stress levels and lead a happily balanced life.

PS. We welcome any questions you might have about this issue. Share with us tough challenges you have overcome.


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